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About Studio

All Bodies Yoga Pilates strives for personalized, professional, expert-guided classes that provide every person/everybody with practices that can sustain them throughout life with the means to support good body function, the ability to solve and alleviate mild aches and pains, and to make people more aware of themselves.


Founded in 2001 at a Cold Spring, NY chiropractic office, All Bodies Yoga Pilates invites clients of all fitness levels. The success of All Bodies Yoga Pilates led to its expansion, prompting a move to a dedicated location in 2005 to cater to a growing clientele. After a decade and numerous satisfied clients, the studio relocated to a more convenient spot off 9A in Garrison, NY.

Shelley, the founder of ABYP quotes, "I bring authentic Pilates and exercise science knowledge as well as accessible yoga techniques and poses into the studio." 


About Instructor

Under Shelley Gilbert's adept guidance, All Bodies Pilates Yoga emerges as a haven where yoga and Pilates seamlessly intertwine. Her journey into the realms of fitness and wellness commenced in 1989 at Sichel Chiropractic & Pilates, now known as Power Pilates. A dedicated pursuit led her to attain Pilates certification in 1999, and subsequent years saw her instructing at Power Pilates before establishing her teaching presence in Cold Spring in 2001. 

After practicing several yoga styles, primarily Iyengar Yoga, she was certified in 2008 at Satya Yoga in Rhinebeck, NY. The evolution continued as she expanded her studio to its present location in 2015. Shelley's teaching style reflects her years of training in Modern Dance, mixing alignment and flow with the lasting goal of movement with intelligence, strength, and grace.

Originating from Southern California, Shelley's early aspirations led her to fulfill her dream of world travel in her 20s and 30s. Her journey included living in San Francisco, a year abroad, and a rewarding position at Macy's Herald Square, NYC, where her global adventures continued.

However, life was not all rose-tinted, during her time in San Francisco, she suffered a back injury while working on a ceiling installation. This incident, coupled with the absence of health insurance, prompted Shelley to embark on a personal quest for holistic well-being. Juggling dance lessons at night and a full-time job, she turned to Pilates in 1989, finding solace and relief for her back pain.

Shelley's ethos revolves around the profound belief that understanding one's body and proactively addressing health concerns can empower individuals to overcome life's daily challenges.


I've always had a very strong philosophy: Know thy patient, know thy body, take care of yourself, and you don't have to rely on other people to heal yourself by paying attention to yourself. By taking care of yourself, you can take care of so many of the daily aches and pains of regular life.

Remarkably, at 64 years old, Shelley stands testament to her philosophy of being medication-free and enjoying robust health.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Shelley is a proud mother of two and a grandmother. She currently resides in Cold Spring, New York, where her passion for promoting holistic well-being continues to inspire and guide those who seek balance and vitality at All Bodies Pilates Yoga.

About Pilates

The Pilates fitness method, originating in the early 20th century, has evolved into a globally embraced exercise regimen. Initially conceived by Joseph Pilates, a German fitness enthusiast, as a means to overcome personal health challenges, Pilates developed a holistic approach to physical fitness. Inspired by a mix of yoga, martial arts, and ancient exercise regimens, he refined his method during World War I, using makeshift apparatus with bed springs for resistance training.


Upon relocating to New York City in the 1920s, Pilates, along with his wife Clara, introduced "Contrology," emphasizing the mind's control over muscles. This laid the groundwork for the six principles of Pilates:

  • Concentration

  • Control

  • Centering

  • Precision

  • Breath

  • Flow

The method gained traction within the dance community and later expanded its reach in the 1980s and 1990s, appealing to fitness enthusiasts globally. Specialized equipment like the Reformer broadened the repertoire of Pilates exercises, making it accessible to various demographics.

Joseph Pilates passed away in 1967, but his method's legacy continued to thrive. Pilates studios have multiplied worldwide in the 21st century, offering a content-rich fitness practice that prioritizes core strength, flexibility, and mental well-being. Today, Pilates stands as a versatile and enduring exercise method embraced by millions for its comprehensive approach to holistic fitness.

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